Rhassoul Clay & Rose Face Mask
Rhassoul Clay & Rose Face Mask

Rhassoul Clay & Rose Face Mask

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Benefits of this clay mask 

 Exfoliates Dead Cells

Flaky dead skin looks unsightly. Fortunately, rhassoul clay has a mild abrasive texture that helps scrub off dead cells from the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

Purifies & Deeply Cleanses Pores

The soaplike form and molecular structure of rhassoul clay makes it very efficient at deeply cleansing out clogged pores. It helps suck out dirt, grime and pollution from deep within the pores, thereby purifying them.

 Softens Rough & Tough Skin

Got rough knees and tough elbows? It’s time to use rhassoul clay to soften those stubborn patches! Rhassoul clay also helps with cracked heels and bumpy skin!

 Tightens Large Pores

Because it has natural astringent properties, rhassoul clay tightens skin and shrinks large pores.

 Detoxifies Skin

Clays are known for their detoxifying effects on the body because of their high levels of ion exchange. Rhassoul clay is no exception! It draws out not only dirt and sebum but also toxins and wastes clogging the body.

 Soothes Skin Irritation

Rhassoul clay has a skin soothing effect as well! 


Ingredients: Moroccan Lava (Rhassoul) Clay, Kaolin (Rose) Clay